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1988 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM GTA Notchback Edition - Documents, Pictures, Registry
1989 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM GTA with the Notchback Option
According to the Pontiac Car Distribution Bulletin, shown below, the GTA Notchback option was canceled effective 08/30/1988. The Pontiac Car Distribution Bulletin indicates that no further orders with the Notchback option would be accepted, as they would be removed, and that there will be no 1989 GTAs built as Notchbacks.

Copy of Pontiac Car Distribution Bulletin indicating the cancellation of the Notchback option.

However, below is a copy of an invoice, provided by GM, that shows an existence of a 1989 GTA with the Notchback option. Due to the condition of some of GM's records, the VIN was cut off from the invoice. Note the GTA Notchback option - on a 1989 GTA.

Copy of a GM Invoice showing a 1989 GTA Notchback.

According to Frankie's GTA Source Page website, we know there was atleast 1 - 1989 GTA built with the optional Notchback package as Frankie reviewed some of GM's documentation and was able to gather some production figures for the 1987-1992 GTAs. These figures that Frankie was able to review did not include exported (e.g., to Canada market) GTAs; only domestic GTAs. The above invoice is for an export (Z49 - Canadian) GTA Notchback. Records indicate there was a few 1989 GTA Notchbacks produced.