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1988 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM GTA Notchback Edition - Documents, Pictures, Registry
A Note About the "Only 50 produced with the 350 V8" Claim
While we're not sure where the "Only 50 produced with the 350 V8" claim originated from, there is no proof to support the accuracy of this claim that has been tossed and passed around the Internet.

Not only is there no proof to support the claim, but let's consider a fact. The GTA Notchback is, of course, a Trans Am GTA. The Trans Am GTA came standard with the 350/5.7L engine. One could receive a credit by downgrading to other engine - the 305 V8. Given that 718 Trans Am GTAs were built with the Notchback option in 1988, it would seem less likely that the majority of those ordered and built would downgrade from the standard 350/5.7L V8 engine.

Additionally, there's also a claim being passed around the Internet that only 100 of the GTA Notchbacks came with the optional digital cluster. Just like the "Only 50 produced with the 350 V8" claim, there's also no proof to support the accuracy of this claim.

Finally, we also want to note the nice round figures (i.e., 50, 100) that have been tossed on the Internet. These cars were not built with the "limited to only 50" marketing trick. When you see such nicely rounded figures, that alone gives some speculation to the accuracy of the claims.

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