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1988 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM GTA Notchback Edition - Documents, Pictures, Registry
Looking for a GTA Notchback Buildsheet
I'm looking for a copy of a build sheet from a factory 1988 GTA Notchback. If you found the factory build sheet for your 1988 GTA Notchback, it would be very appreciated if you could email me a copy. There has been some question as to if the split-fold high-back rears seats that were found in the 1988 GTA Notchback, as well as 1989 Turbo Trans AM, had a specific RPO code. If you can help by providing a copy of a build sheet for a factory 1988 GTA Notchback, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me by using the following link: Contact

Last Update: 04/22/15